My mom used to use this mantra with me, "Go out into the world and be a plus, never a minus... really it's just simple math."

From the standpoint of a guy who always struggled with math, this math I could understand. 

The best way I think my life has been a plus is by co-raising my two sons with their wonderful momma. 

This morning I have been sipping my favorite dark roast brew and reading my younger son Ethan's first manuscript for a book. I am so proud of not only his story, told in 'JOURNEY', but in his ability to tell his story in a compelling, interesting, well-written way (more on how this develops soon). All while listening to music my older son has recorded. What a treat to be entertained by these fine young men. 

SO, today my older son launched a Kickstarter campaign to make his music available. Here is a link: via my Pinterest account, which I hope we can follow each other mutually on. 

OR please visit his Kickstarter page:

Check out that beauty, my son's wife and their cute little dude below... won't it be great for him to listen to his daddy's jammin'?