Moots and Jake is a compilation of two nicknames for the creative team of John Woods and Justin Matott (me). Nicknames we have carried for oh so many years and now combined to become our "brand". Since 1998 we have been a creative team and have brought out books to the world including Ol' Lady Grizelda, There's A Fly On My Toast!, Chocolate Covered Frog Legs, The Sky is Falling and Gabriel Peters and The Bait Shop Gang. 

We have several projects being formed presently and are SO excited to bring more, creative work to the world.

Over the years people have asked me the question of "Do you find and illustrator to illustrate your manuscript or let an editor do that?" There are as many possibilities for an answer to this as there are books, publishers and creative people out there. All I can tell you about the Moots and Jake team is that we get each other, creatively, spiritually, emotionally, and "friendshiply". 

We are truly a team. We both have a certain viewfinder we see the world through, but many times our view is very, very similar. Not satisfied with simply creating something funny or witty or topical, we both look for a way to find a double meaning. The search for meaning. The search for relevance, all within the pages of a "children's book."

My next post will be how this team formed. What we plan to do next and we hope you will stay tuned. We really do have some cool stuff coming! 

In the meantime, please check out our books (a library pun) or even get some from this website and since Moots and Woods now have a standing weekly date to create, we will make sure any book you order comes with signatures, a signature doodle and our thanks.

Also, if you want to see the brilliance behind the Jake part of this team, please see John Woods website: