I have been writing for kids of all ages for a long time now. Full time since 1998.

I have tried to impact through humor, storytelling and anti-bullying in schools and within the pages of my books.

The world is full of bad news. Just yesterday we got another gut punch because of a mentally ill maniac wreaking havoc on society. BUT, there is more good than bad out there and the young people in this project and in this long note are reasons to believe in the future!

My Mom's mantra to me was that life is simple math. If you go out and be a plus in the world and not a minus, it will all add up. My mom did that as an educator and a wonderful human being. I have tried to live my life so she would have been proud of me. Now, think about this -Add God and His plan for a life and that plan & plus gets multiplied in ways beyond impact and imagination!

This is a bit of a deviation from what I usually do with this blog, but it has everything to do with impact. My son and three of his friends travelled around the world impacting the world for Jesus and have made a wonderful documentary chronicling their journey. 

They didn't stop there though, since they have been back, they have each continued to do not "good works" but "God works". 

They just won a very coveted prize for their documentary and the reason I am posting this here is to spread the word and to say one thing to parents - IF I had it to do over again, raising my sons that is, I would have made sure they went on some kind of a mission trip when still in middle or high school. There is something about getting out of your bubble and seeing the way the world is past your daily life that impacts you in a terrific way. BOTH of my sons did this in college and have never been the same. 

This is what has happened to the young men since coming back from the year in all of these countries. All four of the young men came back to continue ministry and awesome pluses for our world. Ethan is a Missions Pastor at JFC Global Missions and has traveled around the globe with his AWESOME wife Stefani to bring God's love to His people. Doug is a young adult pastor at Red Rocks Church and has led a team back to Haiti with his lovely and also AWESOME wife Samantha (yes he married the girl)! Ryan is working with missions and teaching at Seacoast Grace Church and one of the coolest young men I know. Matthew is working for Project 1.27 to get kids placed in forever homes and recently got engaged to the wonderful and AWESOME Jess. Brandon who worked with the guys from home and produced this awesome film through his company STEEL ROCK FILMS is an amazing young man and a soon to be father with his lovely and very talented wife Jamie Lied (who if you have any reason to have a photographer, I totally recommend her and her assistant Brandon) and they have just announced a new addition to their family coming in 2016.

IF you want some inspiration this weekend, come by the Lone tree Jubilee Fellowship campus for The Compassion Experience (see more on the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/JFC-Global-Missions-1401526083446807/timeline/

PLEASE follow them on Facebook and go to vimeo to WATCH THE ENTIRE The AC Project: To the Ends of the Earth DOCUMENTARY! THEN CONTACT THEM TO COME TO YOUR YOUTH GROUP, CHURCH, CLUB OR ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION YOU WANT TO IMPACT. I have seen these men in action and I promise you if you want impact on your youth, you will be glad you did! http://www.theacprojectfilm.com/#home-buy