First of all, a disclaimer, as we are all want to do these days: I know phobias are real. I am not making fun of people with phobias. Everyone has or has had phobias in his or her life. I myself have and yesterday spoke of my biggest phobia. There is a difference between a fear and a phobia: http://www.webmd.com/anxiety-panic/guide/fear-factor-phobias

Fear vs. Phobia

"Phobias involve the experience of persistent fear that is excessive and unreasonable," says Wilson, who is author of the book Don't Panic. "Phobias are cued when a person approaches a particular situation or object, or even anticipates the approach of it, and they understand the fear they will experience as a result of that situation will be unreasonable and excessive."

The key to distinguishing a fear from a phobia is that that while most people get the jitters if a spider crawls on their arm, people suffering from arachnophobia -- the fear of spiders -- are physically and/or psychologically impaired by it.

Today's phobia: Ablutophobia

This morning at the gym the guy next to me on the Stair master was a clear candidate for this phobia. He reminded me of PIGPEN from the old Charlie Brown comics (man I miss C. B.). Pigpen always had a cloud of dust surrounding him and like Pigpen this guy had an olfactory cloud that permeated the air five feet in all directions.

olfactory |älˈfakt(ə)rē; ōl-|
of or relating to the sense of smell : the olfactory organs.

I think many young teenagers (particularly the male species) suffer from Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing. At least that is what it seems like at times when I am doing assemblies for them. It could just be that they have just come in from gym class or recess.

I have one word for them: D E O D O R A N T!

SO, as a result of someone else's phobia: Ablutophobia, I have my own: Autodysomophobia
which is the fear of people who smell bad.

So, what is YOUR phobia? Do you have a particular story about YOUR phobia that I might include in my blog and or book? I will not attribute it to you unless you want me to. It will remain private, but I would love to hear from you. I am making light of phobias to dispel the power they have over us, but they are real to the puppy and I recognize that. SO SHARE! Privately at justin@justinmatott.com or here as a comment for the world (my 11 followers and drop in watchers to see).

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