chronomentrophobia- The fear of clocks

When I was a senior on high school my literature teacher assigned each of us to come up with a quote that defined us for the yearbook. Being a procrastinator myself at the time... I met the deadline with only minutes to spare by grabbing a reader's Digest on the way to class and finding this gem: "Time is Nature's way of preventing everything from happening at once."

After a search to find the author of this quote it seems it is attributed to UNKNOWN. Time is something only humans contemplate, or so we think. My dog doesn't watch the clock (or does she?) but she always knows when it is walk time, run time, dinner time, Mom's home time, etc..., but I am quite sure she never FEARS time.

Time adds the dimension of a clock ticking down the days and often reminds us of MORTALITY

While searching for TIME images, I found one with Dali's famous melting clock that caused me more fear than any I have seen.

Someone actually walks around with this tattoo of Dali's melted clock ALL THE TIME?????

The times they are a-changing.
Bob Dylan