It is National Doughnut Month!

Now, I think there must be a big doughnut lobby in Washington for them to get their own month (especially considering they have a National Doughnut Day in June too... hmmmm something is fishy here and hopefully it is not your doughnut, because a fish doughnut just does not sound good). But some people will be rolling in the dough by having a month dedicated to the doughnut... heh heh... CORNY, eh?
To celebrate I am bringing the REAL DOUGHNUT DEAL to your attention; Arnie The Doughnut! by my friend Laurie Keller. This is quite possibly the funniest picture book out there. Premise peculiar, execution, SPOT ON!!! My favorite picture book!!

Laurie Keller once watched one of those glazed doughnuts going through the process of becoming a doughnut and that is where the idea for Arnie was born. I will tell you my six year old twin nephews LOVE this book.

My wife's middle school students LOVE this book. Teachers, librarians, adult humans LOVE this book as much as any kid and that is the true test of a HIGH QUALITY read. When asked to read the same book for the hundredth time (come on, we all dread it) this is one of those books you will never mind revisiting over and over. There are so many asides that will crack you up! This is my promise to you. RUN don't walk to get this book.
Here, I am making it easy on you, either google Arnie The Doughnut, Laurie Keller or: click--->

Laurie has many other picture books and I recommend you look into them. Scrambled States is my nephew's second favorite books in the whole wide world. Is the first place book one of their dear Uncle's books, you might ask? NO, FIRST PLACE IS OCCUPIED BY A CERTAIN... AHEM... DOUGHNUT!!!!

Last year, my book When I Was A Girl... I Dreamed was up for the Colorado Children's Book Award and was beaten by this particular book and doughnut.

Here is the deal: In every school during my visits while the students of Colorado were voting for the book to win, I literally asked them to vote for Arnie instead of my book. I did this for two reasons:

1. I know boys and they weren't about to vote for a book with GIRL in the title, oh no, not in elementary school and


Now, if Go Ask Mom ends up nominated for the chapter book segment, that is a different deal all together, GAME ON DOUGHNUT DUDE!

I will go toe to toe with any doughnut for the prize. Do doughnuts have toes? I know they sometimes have BEARCLAWS!!!!!!!

To learn about this awesome author/illustrator check out