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The World According to Gabe is the second of six books in the Go Ask Mom series. 235 pages packed with adventures as Gabriel deals with repeating fourth grade with Sister Mary Claire, UGH! With many new twists and situations Gabe and his Secret Brotherhood of Boys must overcome and triumph over. New characters enter in, including a war-obsessed boy named Murph, Gabe's crazy grandma and a new girl who seems to have captured the attention of the older brothers.

Gabriel Peters, a misfit fourth grader with an eye patch, a bad leg, and hair that looks like he stapled a ferret to his head, is the subject of this work of "faction." Partly true because many of the ideas and instances reflect some of the author's own boyhood experiences. Over the summer, after a horrendous school year of dealing with a mean bully on the playground or the one in his own bedroom, stealing all of his older brother's underwear in a prank that backfires, running from the infamous Mean Mrs. Rickles, searching for the "dead dog in the lake", fishing, camping and other adventures, Gabriel Peters will grow up just a bit. A great read aloud book for the classroom or at home. If you don't believe it... Go Ask Mom...

For breakfast or dinner or even for lunch!
I’ll eat them forever,
munch them by the bunch!
I like it when they’re double!
I like some extra cheese!
Cheeseburgers are awesome!
I’ll have two, pretty please!
Cheeseburgers are just one of the subjects Matott writes about in this delightful book. From dogs and cats, annoying siblings, wrinkled elbows, and underwear, to many other subjects, you will surely be entertained and will nod with recognition from your own experiences as you read.

There's A Fly On My Toast comes in four different colored covers, including white, blue, orange and green. If you have a preference please note it with your order.

This just might be the coolest book you will ever see! It's tough to "read" this book the same way twice, thrice or even ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT TIMES! With the clever mix-and-match format, Justin's newest book is out-of-this-world with more than 1,700 different aliens combinations. Whimsically hip Matott illustrator, Laurie McAdam, who collaborated with Justin on the Grandparent books and Oliver Kringle, outdoes herself in Aliens! You'll flip when you see it!

Matott is venturing into the young world of board books. His first, Benjamin Bailey Goes to the Zoo is the first in a series of six books, planned with the very talented illustrator and designer Suzanne Staud.

Polka-Dot Soap
My polka-dot soap hangs on a rope
it has vibrant great colors galore!
I use it each day, and it smells really okay
but there's always less, never more.
Polka-Dot Soap is just one of the subjects Matott writes about in this delightful book. From Halloween, a wedgie, weird neighbors, and underwear, to many other subjects, you will surely be entertained and will nod with recognition from your own experiences as you read.
This funny poetry collection is designed to tickle the funny bone and make the reader think about the possibilities that are right at the end of their own noses to compose poetry about. Matott's most (in)famous poem Booger Miner is the fan favorite in this collection.

Justin Matott and Mark Ludy have combined their talents again to bring the companion book to When I Was A Boy... I Dreamed. When I Was A Girl... I Dreamed was a challenge for both men, since neither have been girls, SO they brought in an expert on girls, a mother, daughter and once a girl, Margaret Baker has lent her talents as coauthor to this beautiful book. Matott interviewed hundreds of girls in his school visits and also some close to him: nieces. It is a lovely book and is now out. A lovely companion to When I Was A Boy... I Dreamed

A new and exciting collaboration between Justin Matott and Mark Ludy (Ludy's previous books include "The Grump" and "The Farmer"), "When I Was A Boy...I Dreamed", is a heartwarming, adventurous picture book narrated by a grandfather to his grandchildren.

Narrated by a dog named Jerry, this fun chapter book chronicles the lives of Mr. Murphy and Jerry the dog in a fun and adventureous set of tales all cloaked in the mystery of the town of Shadow.

"Ol' Lady Grizelda" is a delightful picture book meant for "children" of all ages. It is the story (told in rhyme and verse) of that certain peculiar person that each of us had on our block. The reader learns to draw one's own conclusions rather than listening to the general gossip about people.

Could Oliver Kringle, the new bus driver for Pine Elementary, actually be Santa Claus aka Kris Kringle?
Penelope "Jingle" Bell has an assignment to write an original "Christmas Story." She interviews Oliver, discovering Kris Kringle has not just one brother, but four, all of whom drive schoolbuses around the world collecting information for him and each with a special mission on Christmas Eve.

"When Did I Meet You Grandma?" is an endearing book about the relationship between a child and grandmother. This is a book which will be given to young and old alike!

"When Did I Meet You Grandpa?" is a celebration of Grandfathers. A delightful picture book companion to the best selling When Did I Meet You Grandma?. Sure to delight young and old alike!

Whimsically told in rhyme and verse and wonderfully illustrated, "Drinking Fountain Joe" is the story of an unusual sixth grade boy named Joe. Drinking Fountain Joeevokes the same sense of acceptance for unique people as Matott's previous imaginative and wonderful children's book "Ol' Lady Grizelda!

At long last Matott and Woods have collaborated on something totally silly (hmm..., like "There's A Fly On My Toast!" wasn't?). This "chapter book" fractured fairy tale will entertain both young and old. This fractured fairy tale will be like none you have read. ENJOY!!

"My Garden Visits" - Of all human creations, a garden comes nearest to heaven.

One day in that garden a very special miracle occurred. Justin felt the loving presence of his mother, who had left this earth five years before.
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"Independence Days" - In these 24 mostly true Declarations of Independence, Justin Matott takes his readers into the mysterious world of friendship and discovery peculiar to all of us. Matott's down to earth writing is a wellspring of ordinary, fleeting moments that result in newfound independence. Readers will smile and shake their heads in recognition.
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"A Harvest of Reflections" - From autumn to winter to spring, Justin embraces the changing of the seasons as he muses on childhood joys and adult regrets, and gives thanks for the abundance of his life, for friends and family, especially the gently lingering presence of his deceased mother.
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