Many of my pursuits and daily interactions are guided by the wisdom from parents who desire the very best for their children. Specifically my mother taught me on many occasions to "go out there and be a plus and never a minus'. It is very simple math. If you think about every "transaction" with another human as adding rather than subtracting it is really simple to know what to do. Never being good in math, I have always understood being a plus and try to be in my life and in my books.

I always want to add the love of reading, LAUGHTER, family bonding, interesting stories, a slightly different view to make one ponder and so many other things to my writing and publishing. I never want to subtract from a person's love of reading. That is why having learned about Alyssa, I have found a kindred spirit in her because of her zeal for the written word and STORY!

There are times when you meet people and you feel you were "meant to". I recently met Alyssa's father and spent time talking to him about his daughter, his cause, his heart. My heart hurt for this kind and spirited man as he told me of his loss. My heart zoomed when I realized what he and his family are doing to give the world a big plus thanks to Alyssa's passion. Many times it is easy to retreat, to withdraw and to anguish rather than to channel passion and love into something that is healing and helpful and a big PLUS for the rest of the world when someone feels the depth of sorrow this family has. I feel compelled to add to what they are doing!

So, I am asking anyone who reads this blog to consider what Alyssa's family and friends are trying to accomplish in this world, one book at a time, one story at a time, one school at a time, one child at a time. Literacy is one of the greatest keys to a future of hope. YOU can make a difference in the world you live in.

This is the FIRST time I have used my blog to promote a "cause" in three years. This one is just that important!

Essentially what the Alyssa Cares Foundation does is provide books to children who otherwise don't own them. Books free of charge as well as a heart warming message and passion for Alyssa's love of reading.

As an author, I am impressed and humbled by their efforts.
As a father, I am heartbroken and want to find a way to increase this lovely girl's legacy.
As a human being, I am interested in giving children, who for whatever circumstances they have no control over, a hand, a heart, a book, and a belief that
their story matters.

Please spend some time on the website and join me in promoting literacy through this lovely organization! YOU can certainly be a PLUS here!