Be encouraged! The youth surrounding us are doing some pretty terrific things to change the world!

I spoke to Powell Middle Schoolers this morning about heroism, character and making a difference in the world. Several of them suggested I blog about my son's journey, because they were impressed with the idea of young men traveling the world to make a positive change, so here it is!

We talked about how you can make a positive change on the street corners of Denver (or any city, town or hamlet), by handing out sweaters, coats, gloves and food to the folks who are down on their luck. No reason to wait!

The morning at Powell Middle School was made possible by one student, LUCY, who is already a hero, a champion of others, a student of the NON MEism movement. A girl who puts her faith into action! A girl who already knows she wants to go to Africa to make a difference for orphaned children! I am very proud to know her and after meeting her parents realized the "apple didn't fall far from the tree". It was exciting to see how her desire to change the world infected the others to want to do something similar. WAY TO GO LUCY!

Ethan Matott, Doug and Ryan Wekenman left LAX this week and landed safely in Haiti where they will start this year long mission trip. There is a facebook page set up to follow them as well as their website: Matt Fons will join them in June when he is done at with his last semester in college and then the four of them will continue on the trip.

Take some time to read about what four guys who met at Colorado University in Boulder are doing to make this a better world. When they get back they will be showing their video journalism and setting up the foundation where other people can get involved and make a difference too. It is also exciting for me to think that Matt Fons, the WRITER, will be possibly bringing out a book about their travels.


If you are on twitter, please follow their twitter feed for more information.!/The_AC_Project

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