I am always looking for creative ways teachers and parents allow kids to be just kids. In a particular middle school there is a librarian/media specialist who gets it. She also has three boys of her own, which helps! She had a problem with gum, even though there is a no gum chewing within the school policy, there was still a sticky problem that needed to be solved. She did and does so in a creative way and my hat is off to her.

Do you have an example of a teacher who has taken a problem and turned it back to the students to provide the solution?


"What part of NO don't you understand?"
Then that librarian planned and planned...

She came up with a great solution
to end the school's sticky pollution!

"If you must chew, take your last taste
then deposit here your toxic waste..."

Then gum piles began to grow
inside the jar, they made quite a show!

The students looked forward to building the mess
and the librarian's books were thus quite blessed!

No more sticky pages, no gum under the table
if you make it fun, they are all quite able!

Now the Gum Jar has become the place
to deposit gum from each student's face...

Now, I wish people would see the sidewalks as NO GUM ZONES too and even more NO SPIT ZONES!