Some time ago I wanted to start a cool segment for my blog where I featured kids reading my books! I thought it would encouraging for other kids to see that books are cool and a photo gallery of kids enjoying my books seemed the ticket. Problem is when you have less than 30 followers on your blog it is hard to get the word out... so I got a handful and then moved on to other subjects to tackle...
Perhaps that is a signal to me to write something more interesting??? HA HA, or as they say on the internet LOL.

NOW, here is something fun that happened. I met a very nice woman at the gym where I work out who shared with me that after her daughter met me, had me sign a copy of Go Ask Mom for her, then took it home and saran wrapped it so it would stay in good condition. I was flattered, but also think the book is worth reading, SO, I brought in a copy of the sequel for her, unsigned, with the caveat that after she read it, I would sign it (the trick is she would want to read the first book in the series before she read the second, right?

So, the next thing you know she unwrapped it and dove in. Not long after she and her sister were in the gym with mom and I took the opportunity to "walk the track" with her to see if she was enjoying the book and if she had any advice for me as I am writing six books in the series. She is a delightful young lady!

Her little sister was busy watching a video of Justin Bieber (new teen singing sensation, Tiger Beat kind of kid) on her electronic device and could barely be bothered with all this "book talk". "Someday, I thought... maybe she'll read one of my books too!"

Lo and behold... she did! NOT ONLY did she read one of my books, but she made some drawings to go with it...

(To those of you who follow my blog, you have no idea how much you mean to me, to think you might be enjoying it enough to get a chuckle or a thought that is worth passing along, THANK YOU! Please pass it on...)

Thanks SISTERS, you made my day! Now, get off the computer and go read a book!