My blog is soon going to incorporate a new feature: GUEST BLOGGERS.

My first guest blogger is going to be Alec Greven who will be popping in periodically to share something of interest.

If you don't know who Alec is, please see this website:

I personally am tired of "balloon boy" kind of news.

I am interested in people who make a difference.
I am interested in people who do wonderful things to change a small corner of our world.
I am interested in kids who encourage.
I know a young man who is making a difference, particularly encouraging others his age.
It becomes obvious when you spend time with his family that they are doing a great job with him.

As any teacher will tell you; family, and in particular the parents make all the difference in a child's success.

Alec is blessed with wonderful parents, who safeguard him and have poured great values into him. It shows when you speak with him, or them.

He also has very cute siblings, his little sister "laughs at things that are scary" and has loads of energy to keep up with her two older brother and his little brother is a cute firecracker with great questions and enthusiasm.

All in all, just a down to earth, great family.

What would it be like to be in elementary school and appear on national television shows and to accomplish a dream people many times your age aspire to?

What kind of boy has published four books before he's even hit middle school, with another one on the near horizon?

What person under ten years old already is in Wikipedia?

There are several reasons I want to include Alec in my small corner of the literary world; He is a terrific, unspoiled, unassuming young man.


I meet authors all the time and some could take some lessons from him.

I get asked at almost every school I visit, "when could I ever get published?" by both students and teachers. I often point these aspiring authors to my buddy Alec's story.

There is more proof in the pudding than in talk.

Alec's new book, How to Talk to Santa, is available now at major retailers and on-line booksellers. It is clever, insightful and fun.
There is one chapter in particular that made me laugh out loud. It has to do with tricking your sibling to include items on his gift list that you actually want and might not have room for and a potential backfire.

It resonates with me, particularly because it was a trick I deployed on my older brother and it did in fact backfire. I still want that doggone train track and it was a tough thing to watch my brother and his friends playing with it in his room across the hall from me with a barricaded doorway!

Alec and I will be doing a signing together in Mid-November at the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch.

Please pass this on to your fellow emailers and bloggers and share this young man's story and watch for his postings.

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