This month has been rough, scary and very Halloweeny for me. I started with the intention to chronicle phobias and fears, one a day was the plan, but life sometimes jumps the tracks.

BUT, earlier on I posted my own personal fear, one of which is the fear of clowns.

EXCERPT FROM EARLIER POST: I suffer from something called Coulrophobia, which is the fear of clowns. Could have been watching Blinky The Clown on television as a child or the fact that my brother tormented me as a small child with a Clown Jack In The Box or most likely the time my mom forced me to go the the circus and somehow ended up in the front row, where a clown plucked me from the crowd and before I could even get to the center ring there was a center ring on my trousers from where I, being so scared of the clown, wet my pants in front of a mere two million people crowded into the big top???

It is a deep rooted fear. I literally feel cold shivers when I see a clown nearby. I thought it was some of the experiences I chronicled earlier, BUT, while looking for some photos to share when we gathered to remember my dad, I came across this little gem. How fitting that in the month of costumes and dress up, there I am in my earliest get up (gee, thanks mom for testing my masculinity at such a young age), BUT the real kicker is the kid I am holding hands with. NO WONDER I am terrified of clowns! I mean, I was three years old!!! Sometimes, you just gotta laugh!