Justin Matott has written an amazing series of books that stem from a passion to stick up to, walk away from and ultimately eradicate bullies!  Click HERE for posts about this series! 

Go Ask Mom is the first book in the series - see what Justin has to say:

Hi, I have had several people ask me to post a description of GO ASK MOM!, so here it is! The book is receiving some great attention and the second volume in the series will be out in 2008!

Please check out Lisa Tarr's website at www.tarrart.com. She is a great illustrator and a friend now.

If you would like to order a signed copy of Go Ask Mom! by both myself and Lisa Tarr, please go to my website at www.justinmatott.com and make sure to note at paypal how you would like it personalized. These orders come directly to me, so I can customize a gift or a book for you, as well as any of my other books!

In this wonderfully illustrated "chapter book" readers young and older will enjoy the adventures of Gabriel Peters. We meet him at the end of his fourth grade year, when he confronts his toughest bullies, Ronnie, on the playground and Carl, his brother, in their shared bunk beds. Soon the underdog will take control and win over the bullies as well as your heart. This book should be read aloud in classrooms and at bedtimes. Mr. Matott has been sharing stories from this book prior to publishing in auditoriums across the country to delighted response. Stay tuned, there is so much more to come from Gabriel Peters!

Gabriel Peters, a misfit fourth grader with an eye patch, a bad leg, and hair that looks like he stapled a ferret to his head, is the subject of this work of "faction." Partly true because many of the ideas and instances reflect some of the author's own boyhood experiences. Over the summer, after a horrendous school year of dealing with a mean bully on the playground or the one in his own bedroom, stealing all of his older brother's underwear in a prank that backfires, running from the infamous Mean Mrs. Rickles, searching for the "dead dog in the lake", fishing, camping and other adventures, Gabriel Peters will grow up just a bit. A great read aloud book for the classroom or at home.
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