THIS MOM'S LETTER IS SHORT AND WORTH THE READ! As someone who has worked in anti-bullying forums for the past decade plus, what I love most about this is it is a parent who is Coaching Character, Compassion and Caring in a way that makes total sense. When our hearts ache for others we must act. The bully is only 1/3 of the equation. The Bullied must take back his or her power and disable the bully, but almost the most important component is the Bystanders. The Bystanders standing together will unplug a bully. Simply saying, "Don't talk to her that way!" or "She's our friend..." might completely change the whole scenario. When was the last time you saw a bully pick on someone more powerful? It generally doesn't happen. There is strength in numbers and the truth is, THE BULLY needs friends more than anyone else in the school! It's just that for some reason he or she is crippled emotionally and doesn't know how to cultivate friendship. When you feel vulnerable, you push, usually away. When you push someone around it is a show of some idea of power, but it is possibly the most disabling thing a bully does - to him or herself, because it cuts him or her from the herd. NO ONE likes bullying, even a bully. Chances are the bully is experiencing some of it himself. IF every child went to school with a message from Mom or Dad like this, things could change. Until parents SHOW not TELL the difference there will be bullying. PLEASE Change, Challenge and Cherish your child so we will really see change in our world!