Hello my friends,

I have been so busy with book projects that I have completely ignored this blog for over a month. Did anyone notice?

I do have some FANTASTIC things cooking and hope to soon make some announcements.

Both of my sons inherited my creative nature. One makes music, art and joy. The other makes videos, is writing his first book and has been bringing joy to people all over the world over the past few years.  Some times art reflects life in a very serious way and sometimes it is simply a release and fun.

So if you are creative, imaginative and like off the hook style, I have a place for you to visit. I thought I would share an "off the hook, fun, weird and wonderful" blog showcasing art, thought and goofiness that my eldest son dabbles with. I would like to somehow work this kind of art into a book project and the artist happens to live a few miles from me.

Today's blog post:

"warren becomes impatient with ferdinand as he waits for a compliment on his new swim wear."

 Facebook post today about the blog by Jay J Matott (this author's son):

Please check out the link to the blog I have included and follow it: http://radicaltheblog.blogspot.com/