I was walking my dog when from the corner of my eye
two tiny reindeer I was sure I did spy
then out of my peripheral vision I knew
on the side of that house were another two 

they seemed solid, no moving, I thought they were fakes
then the snow started falling, magical Christmasy flakes

Suddenly the deer sprang from that place
you should have seen the look on my face
Then those deer turned towards my dog
and started to hop, one started to jo
they bound through the yard, the biggest one flew
I grabbed my camera, and that's when I knew

Santa was here, in my neighborhood early
he was spying it out, one reindeer seemed surly

he stared at my dog and snorted a bit
my dog started barking, so Rudy's snorting would quit

They had a conversation, they talked for awhile
then my little pooch started to smile
I caught a few words, "can't go", and "need help"
my pooch headed towards home, she barked with a yelp
she was so excited, seems she had a plan
if Santa needed some help, she was his woMAN!  

We returned to our house, and when we went inside
my hound ran up the stairs, came back down with deer pride 
then a loud noise came from my living room
I ran cross the house, I ran with a zoom
I saw my dog ju she pounced and she ran
Practicing, seems my dog had a Santa Claus plan

So when you look up in the sky
this Christmas Eve, 
you just might see something, 
that you won't believe    

Leading that sleigh
will be my good girl
she'll fly round the world
with Santa, she'll hurl!