Hello READERS on my RADAR.  I have been SUPER busy lately and with little time to write blog posts or even play Gems With Friends on my iPhone, don't go there, it is too addictive!

However, I have had so many interactions with my readers both young and less young and want to keep connecting.  I have something SUPER big impending and cannot wait to announce it (No, not body doubling for Robert Downey Jr in the next Ironman, I WISH!)

I thought I would get some opinions, particularly from those who have read any of the GP Series books 1-3, Go Ask Mom, The World According To Gabe or The Gabriel Book of World Records (all on my website for viewing www.justinmatott.com).

All three books have illustrations sprinkled throughout and book 4 is designed with one at the beginning of each chapter.  These four images are examples of how the illustration will look.
 My specific question is, do you like the format of illustration?

The title of the book is Gabriel Peters and The Summer of Mystery or simply The Summer of Mystery (which title do you like more)?

Please chime in here or on Twitter or Facebook or email justin@justinmatott.com.  My READERS' opinions matter to me, A LOT!