Good day/night Blog Reader, I really appreciate the fact that you are here.  Book 5 (in my six book GB series) is well underway and for those of you familiar with Gabe you will know he and most of his crew are heading into Middle School! (queue the eerie music... BOM BOM BOM...)
 Having spent time working with middle schoolers lately, I have been mulling over some of the issues they deal with and Gabe is going to "represent".  I am interested to hear from anyone in middle school, teaching middle school or having vivid memories of middle school to hear what you think Gabe and his crew should encounter.  

I have the book outlined and about ten chapters written.  Much of their time is going to be spent at camp during the summer, but when back in school is what I am particularly interested in hearing about.

The awesomely talented David Schiedt is designing and illustrating the series and I would love for him to have some great challenges to bring Gabe and his adventures to life!    That's him ------->