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The car replaced the horse and buggy.  People protested and said they weren't going to change with the times, but when was the last time you saw one of these going down the highway (with the exception of you in the Amish Country)?

We are still somewhat in that age when it comes to reading.  Still my iPad is a novelty enough when I am at the gym that people say on a fairly frequent basis: "Oh, yeah, I know people use those, but I haven't seen one up close before."

Times, they are a changin'! Let's change with them...



I like horses A LOT, but the horses under the hood of this baby, I like even more!

So, all this is to say, we need to change with the times.  We need to read that book under a lamp when cozy at night with a steaming cup of tea and we need to read on our eReaders when sitting in an airport or other more "non cozy" environments with the back lighting, ability to switch between umpteen titles and allow for the fact that they are here to stay.

I went on a live aboard dive trip for eight days last spring and took three books, thinking that would certainly be enough with all the scuba diving we were doing.  The problem is, I took the wrong three books.  I wasn't in the mood for any of them when I got to the Bahamas.  IF I had taken my iPad, I literally would have had hundreds of downloadable choices at my fingertips.  As a result of my  stubbornness I actually borrowed and reread a book.

What I hear from many people about ebooks is:

"I like to hold a book in my hands and the electronic version is never as good." 
"It is so nice to have a book on my Kindle/iPad/Nook, because with the technology it is so easy for my kids to read..."  
"I will NEVER read a book on 'one of those things'!"  
"This way, we can select from so many different books..." or...  

I remember being one who said I didn't think I would want to read a book on "one of those things..." and then I started using my iPad at the gym.  No longer was my book falling out of the book rack when lunging up the Stairmaster or being the "too thick and heavy to read when working out."

Today my first two books have launched onto ebooks and within a week two more will join them.  On these first two books I am reading along with you (though you can turn me off easily)

Please join me in welcoming my books to the wireless world we live in!