I was one of those people who once said, "I won't use one of those cold devices to turn pages!" Then I got an iPad and dipped my toes into the waters of electronic reading. The truth is I have several books on my iPad that I have read chapters from, but have yet to read an entire book that way, but magazines, blogs, websites that provide content while climbing the eternal stairs of the Stairmaster at the gym have replaced the books that would never quite fit in the magazine racks and magazines that spilled off the side when my climbing got too erratic. Non fiction works for me with my device, because I can read one chapter at a time and then move to another app. I have talked to buddies at the gym who have Kindles (which were originally designed JUST to read books) and they love them.

Let's move with the times! Books are being uploaded daily by the thousands and if you are like me you enjoy flipping pages in real books, BUT, there are times when the electronic glow of a good book makes sense. The gym, an airplane, waiting in line at the post office or dentist office. Plus it surfs the web and plays tunes... all in the size of a paperback book.

My own books are presently being prepared to upload to these devices, which will make them available in an instant to readers all over the world.

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