I am honored by the Principal Newton's response to my visit in her school and hope to live up to her praise in every school I visit!

As a principal at a highly impacted Title Elementary, I believe it’s my duty to spread the news when something works for our children and staff. The visit from Justin Matott was just the match we needed to ignite our children’s love for writing and reading. During our writing workshop Mr. Matott was somehow drawn to the exact students that needed to be encouraged and motivated. In one session we had five students who are served through our Severe Needs Behavior Program and Mr. Matott made immediate connections with them, without knowing who they were or that they were even in the room. This is the first assembly (ever) that my five have participated in without behavior support and they were writing too! How amazing is that?! In these tight budget times, I am always looking for areas I can cut and trim from our budget…Mr. Matott’s visit is one area I will try to uphold in the future. We can’t wait to invite him back next year! Our kids deserve it.

Principal Newton
Nisley Elementary
Mesa County Valley School District 51
Grand Junction

Often when I visit schools I am amazed that I am never introduced to the Principal or the Assistant Principal. If the school my children were going to was spending the money to have someone come in to entertain and teach my kids, I would like to know the Principal was aware of what happened in his or her school that day.

I am even more amazed then when the Principal AND the Assistant Principal are involved in district meetings (which they both lament the day before is mandatory) and then RUSH BACK to the school to catch all that they can of the assemblies and workshops and stay involved in all in spite of all of the normal, regular demands on their day.

That is what happened at Nisley Elementary School, where I met such leaders, who participated with great excitement during the day and made it clear that EVERY student in the building was loved and respected. It showed in the students AND the staff! We need more people in education like the folks at Nisley!

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