Today I begin my Fall school year! I am excited to once again tell stories and inspire others to share his or her story. With a writer's notebook, a sharp pencil and the freedom to write about whatever interests them most, the writing becomes easier and more fun to do. It is human nature to want to "be known" and when a student is able to chronicle daily those things they want the world to know it becomes more of a habit to do so and not just pulling teeth for a test score.

Part of my reason for visiting schools is to encourage teachers to share personal narratives which will make a difference in a student's life. Often, we tell them what to think, but when we share a story with them that it is relevant to what they are going through, whether it be a funny story about a pet, and experience with test anxiety or a time when the bullies were looming large in every corner of the school, they are able to discern the lesson and set on a course to change what is wrong and share what is right. I hope YOU are taking time to share your stories. They make such a difference!

IF you are interested in a school visit, please see all the details about booking etc at my blog set up just for that: /justinmatott-snickers/2011/08/school-assemblies-and-workshops-at.html