A family is made of members who fit roles and sometimes establish new roles. In our family there were and are people and animals who acted like people.

In my house was a little cat.
She had no tail (manx).
She had three teeth (knocked most of them out).
She was 12 years old which in people years is 12 x 6 = 72.
She was a fun little buddy who loved to chase little toy mice and play hide n seek around our house.
She was sick when she was a kitten and never truly got over it, but even though a challenge, just a delightful little creature.
Her name began as Baby Ruth, then she took on many nicknames, the two that she was known far and wide by are P-Dubs and Pwowie.
She has her own facebook page made by one of my sons and has followers from Universities across the land. Join in https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2385978946
Pwowie, became a legend. She was everyone's friend and would sit in any available lap. I am writing this because Pwowie was important to me, my family, my friends and the subject of many stories I have told over the years in my school visits.
It will be hard not having this little creature of mine sitting right in the middle of the floor, always in the way and always ready for anything.
Part of loving is losing and I have just lost one of my favorite little friends.
Rather than be too sad, I celebrate her place in my life for 12 years!
Pwowie, you were an original!
You were awesome in many ways and I'm glad we knew each other.

My very favorite memory of you was when Snickers was sick and dying and how you would lie on top of her and purr, desperately trying to heal her with your love. For hours we would pass the laundry room where Snickers was just too sick to get up. Her, wrapped in a blanket on her dog bed, and you perched on her shoulder.
It was amazing to see how much you loved your dog.
For weeks after Snickers was gone you looked for her. We humans can and do learn a lot from you and your kind.
I know you can't read, but perhaps now you are back with our beloved Snickers and she is reading to you. Now there was a dog!

I remember when I was eight years old coming home from church in mom's car and asking mom, "Mom, will heaven have dogs and cats?" Mom knowing how much my animals meant to me said, "Honey, everything you love here God will give you there." So that means I will see you again.

Rest in peace little Pwowie the P-Dub. I will always miss you.