This is a great article about books touching lives!

The story is about either an old man or old woman (depending on the child's gender) who reveal their past dreams combining fantasy and reality.

As the students returned to their desks with their new books, they immediately tore off the ribbon and thumbed through the colorful pages of the book.

"I like this book a lot," said Anthony Montelongo, 8, as his eyes grew wide with each turn of a page. "I think this is going to be one of my favorite books."

Esperanza Espinoza, 8, said with each page she read, she could see herself in the book.

"I picture the girl saying all those things and then I picture me saying it too," she said. "I think this is going to be a book that I'm going to read over and over again because it's a great book."

Deja Apodaca, also 8, who already had read through half of the book, said her favorite part was the dream the girl had about being a diver and exploring the sea.

"I think this part is funny," she said showing off a page with a shark bearing a shiny, gold tooth. "I'm glad Bob gave me this book."

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