I am SUPER excited that my Aliens All Mixed Up book is coming out soon for the iPad. Laurie McAdam and I are doing a series of Mixed Up Books, the next is Pooches All Mixed Up and then Dinos All Mixed Up and then Monsters All Mixed Up and then, WHO KNOWS?

The hardcover book has 1728 different combinations of aliens with a tri-cut feature that allows the reader to change top, middle and bottom. The iPad book will allow the reader to slide the aliens in 1728 combinations as well. "A PERFECT iPad application!"

If you would still like to get some of the hardcover copies you can order them directly off my website; www.justinmatott.com and they will come autographed. The All Mixed Up feature flips into 1728 different Alien combinations and on the iPad the reader will be able to slide different tops, middles and bottoms into place to make for a delightful (and in the back seat of the car, time eating, sibling not fighting, fun to flip combination, always different, never the same, too much fun) read!

The Pooch featured in the picture to the right is my very own Tootsie, the Italian Greyhound, which you can also see being held by alien me! Laurie is holding both of her Italian Greyhounds.

Chime in on what you would like to see All Mixed UP! Please!