One of the greatest joys of putting my books out there in the world is the response I get from my readers. In about three out of four emails or letters, the reader asks in some way or another, "How much of this is ABOUT you?"

Dear Mr. Matott,

We have been reading all of your books. Our favorite books are about your dreams. We wonder, did you really do any of those things? If you did, which ones, and please tell us more about the time you had. We enjoyed reading about the clubhouses. Especially when it said, "No boys allowed" and "No Girls Allowed".

Your Fans,
Mrs. C______'s First Grade Class

Hello first graders and Mrs. C______! I am so happy you are reading my books.

I have done some of the things in the dream books:

From the boy book:
I practically lived in a tree house when I was a boy. I love to Scuba dive. I LOVE ice cream and wish there was a parlor that had any flavor you could think up. I tried to build a time machine many times when I was a boy and I always wanted a pet dragon. I honor and respect firefighters very much! I always imagined what it would be like to be an astronaut when I was a boy. My friends and I tried over and over to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow after rain storms. I LOVE all things pirate and love to think about bullies walking the plank in their striped tighty whities...

From the girl book:

I love to visit Paris. I LOVE sports cars and the car that takes them to the club house is Da Bomb, except I might not want it in pink. I LOVE to take pictures underwater when I scuba dive! I wanted to be a vet when I was a boy. I want to win a big award for one of my books someday. I love pyramids and mummies. The Olympics are one of my favorite things and basketball is one of my favorite sports...

Last but not least, I had a sign on my tree house that said NO GIRLS ALLOWED until I was in about sixth grade and then I crossed out NO.

Thank you for writing to me and I hope you will enjoy MANY MANY books in your future. One of the books I would suggest is by a friend of mine, Laurie Keller. She has about five good books, but my FAVORITE is Arnie The Doughnut!

Cheers, Justin Matott