My son is a broadcast journalism major at CU and spends a lot of his time in front and behind the camera. His friends first put together this video to assist Freshmen in learning the wonders of the ladies... The video is entertaining and well produced. (My son, Ethan, is the one who first introduces the video from under his SUV and then later in a plaid shirt.) Please forward the youtube to your friends on both of these videos. The race is on. Who will get on Ellen first, me or them?

How to get girls:

Then they put together this tongue in cheek look at what it would be like if guys were like girls. (My son is in the bright blue shirt.) It was posted on about a week ago and within days was a featured video on the front page and is now heading toward half a million views and beyond.

This is true viral video. Who knows where it goes next. I just keep thinking that Justin Bieber (now a household name) was picked up by Usher because of a youtube video he made for his grandma. Perhaps my son and the 835 Crew are headed toward fame? You watch and decide. And before anyone calls a foul for potential "sexism", please remember the girls from their youth group at CU made 'If Girls were like guys'!

If Guys were like girls