I have been spending a lot of time lately at meet & greet & sign & talk events. I enjoy it quite a bit, but no more than when I get to meet my readers or hear about the impact of my stories on grandma's and mother's special "offspring".

Full days of these fairs can be long and then there are certain things that make the day all worth it!

<---- This young man told me my book Go Ask Mom - Stories from the upper bunk - is his favorite book. I quizzed him a bit to make sure he wasn't just being polite and he even liked it better than The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series, WOW, that makes a guy feel good!

How many people get the chance with their vocation to put this kind of a smile on a cool, young dude's face?

I can't wait to hear what he thinks about my third book in the series! By the way, look closely at the covers, Cole - my young buddy, could be the model for the main character Gabe. He is surely just as cool!

I opened up the invitation to have your reader on my blog and this very eager young man wanted to join. His family came to hear my talk at his school and their comments made me feel glad that I have the job I do. We all need to laugh, especially nowadays, and if my books or stories can bring some laughter and happiness then it is a job worth doing, yes?

If you would like to send a digital picture of your reader with one of my books to; justin@justinmatott.com, I will include them in my wall of readers! Thanks for reading at least this blog...