While researching phobias to entertain all three of you who might read my blog if there isn't anything else to read or anything on television, or to have something semi-interesting to talk to your dog about, I have found that almost all things organic or inorganic have been labeled a potential phobia. Leading me to think about the famous quote that the greatest fear itself is fear of fear, yes there is a phobia of fear.

Lachanophobia, The fear of vegetables is one many kids fake having. Not so much a fear, but a dislike or preference for something else (like candy). I cannot for the life of me convince anyone that pickles count, I mean what is a pickle if not a vegetable?

The cucumber turns into a nice slice or chip that goes well with anything... A deep fried dill pickle chip is a wonder to behold and can be found at Cajun restaurants. Try it, try it... you will see, it is so wonderfully vegetabley...
For the record, I LOVE vegetables (except for turnips and that kind of thing...) but a garden grown tomato, pea, cuke and many more are the very best! The next best are the kind you find at places like Sunflower Market, sometimes SO close to home grown... I wonder what a deep fried tomato would taste like...?