My series is getting an overhaul, change and different covers too!
A new illustrator has taken on my Go Ask Mom series.
Book 3 is scheduled to come out this fall, likely in mid-October.

When books 1 & 2 are reprinted they will have an all new look, because in order to be consistent, the characters will be redrawn in the previous books and the covers will reflect the illustrative changes as well.

I am excited to see what will happen here and would love to know your impressions of said changes. I am sure there will be some readers who will want it to stay the same, but change is often good and the talented artist who is rerendering my and Gabriel's world is very good at what he does!

If you are familiar with my picture book Drinking Fountain Joe, it is David Scheidt who is taking over the reins for Gabriel & Gabriel's world.

The series at present will include 6 books, perhaps a few comic books inspired by a story about Glenn The Sea Monkey in book 3 and a few spin off books, based on some characters who are demanding more space on the pages.

Go Ask Mom
Stories from The Upper Bunk

Book 1 in the “Go Ask Mom” series

The World According to Gabe

Stories from The Lower Bunk

Book 2 in the “Go Ask Mom” series

The Gabriel World Book of Records

Stories from the tree house

Book 3 in the “Go Ask Mom” series

Stories from the crawlspace clubhouse
Book 4 in the “Go Ask Mom” series


Stories From A Summer Camp Bunk

Book 5 in the “Go Ask Mom” series

Gabriel Peters and the 8 grade Monster Girl!
Stories from a school locker

Book 6 in the “Go Ask Mom” series

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