Recently I was interviewed for an online site that I felt had some relevance. I have been working on a book about teachers for teachers for some time now and somewhat casually brought up my sixth grade teacher (I am using his influence in book 4 of the Go Ask Mom series). Teachers can have an awesome impact, negative and positive, sometimes both. This particular teacher did in my life.

If you had a teacher who influenced you in a way that has shaped a bit of your life, send him or her a letter. Particularly the good ones. They love the encouragement of knowing they had a place of impact... I should know, I let my middle school social studies teacher know and a wonderful story came out of it (stay tuned) and I should further know because I used to listen to my parents (both teachers) talking about the students who "came back" to let them know what they had done to influence them. Also, I am married to a teacher and at the end of this past school year she had a small stream of high school students in her middle school classroom who came back to let her know they still thought of her. It makes a big difference!