For the second day in a row on critter count (the trap has been out for two days) a squirrel has found his or her way to my peanut butter laden bread.

This dude or dudette is currently living in the same treed area as yesterday's so I hope they have found one another and don't form a gang to get back at me when I go to the gym in the morning (same parking lot).

This dude had a tendency more toward the superhero than the military!

Trivia question: From my book Go Ask Mom, which character becomes a vampire one night to scare a certain brother?


Okay, now you have got to be kidding me! I literally pulled the trap out of my SUV and set it under the tree with NO BAIT. Mowed the lawn (in between cloud bursts) and showered. When I returned to my office that overlooks the garden area I heard a banging sound that was becoming all too familiar. Low and behold ANOTHER squirrel in the trap. That brings my tally for Summer 09 to 3 in two days. I think I am going to put a dab of spray paint on his or her tail and see if it is just the same one playing games with me... Figures I got the squirrel who is training for a marathon too and just loops around Highlands Ranch and back. He or she just wants me to give him or her a lift out to the park so he or she can run back, lazy dude or dudette!

Maybe I should do this as an occupation???


Okay, this is ridiculous. The yard is teeming with activity and now this is in the trap?? Luckily this is just an open the trap and spring the lucky bird brain.
And all for a quarter of an apple (tried new bait to be sporting).

Oh, what will the night bring????