I really appreciate all of the schools that hosted me this Spring in Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona!

It is always so much fun to rub shoulders with my readers and to hear the stories that teachers tell me while I am visiting, which come from their read-alouds of my books or about that one boy in her classroom who just "hates to read" but got hooked by the kookiness of my poetry or The Tails Tales of Mr. Murphy and how kids got into a great discussion about bullies after hearing chapters from Go Ask Mom or the girl in third grade who told me she was dreaming of being the President of the United States, just like the girl in my book When I Was A Girl... I Dreamed

IT SURE KEEPS ME GOING! How about you teachers who went to college with a teacher who is now in Hawaii or New Zealand or Australia? Can you give a shout out for me to them? Those are locations I think school visits are desperately needed, don't you?

I did my last school visit for the Spring in Loveland, Colorado today! The younger kids were wild, crazy, enthused and fun (end of year). They were laughing, poking, joking and enjoying the fun of listening to me telling them about my work in process FRONT FLIP FLOP (tails of my narcoleptic cat).

The older kids were great and got to hear a first person narrative of the bullying story I based Go Ask Mom and the subsequent 5 books on. I was swarmed by a group of older kids afterwards asking me question after question after question.

The best question of the day was: "Mr. Matott, what was your very best day?" On the way home I tried to think of that and the title for potentially a new book was born: THE BEST DAY!