THE BOOK IS COMING VERY SOON (March 15 is the estimate) and can now be preordered from my website (! I am very excited about what is happening in the new book and am busy trying to get the next four in the series out in the near future!

If you liked Go Ask Mom - Stories From the Upper Bunk, you are going to love this book!

Scroll down to read the prologue for the new book and see some of the illustrations.

Also, the third book is titled The Gabriel World Book of Records- Stories from the Tree House, in which Gabe and his buddies will try to set a record to get into the famous Guinness World Book. I am really done, but editing and if you have a really good idea of a record they could try, let me know at as soon as possible.
RIght now, their biggest eneavor is 'The World's Largest Spit Pool'.