Recently, while I was up in Wright Wyoming I met a young lady who impressed me quite a bit! Her name is Sabre Moore (is Sabre just the coolest name for an author?) and she is a fellow published author.  What I admire most about her is her drive, confidence and tenacity, not to mention she is a class act.  She has already done numerous book signings (I think she said 50) and she wrote this book at THIRTEEN YEARS OF AGE!!!!!!

Students ask me all the time; "How can I get published? I'm just a kid!" I have two names for you:  Sabre Moore and Christopher Paolini (ERAGON ANYONE?) 

Sabre's book is titled Secrets At Sea.
Her book is adventurous and will please your inner pirate.
Teachers and parents please go to and order a copy of Sabre's book for your young reader and if it is not at your local bookstore, please ask them to bring it in! The book is $11.99 and the ISBN is 9781602478190.  

Your reader will enjoy the book and she or he will be encouraged by one of his or her own peers!