These beanies are of very high quality, non wool, but wool warm without the itch! Each one carries a character from the associated book you see here. In retail stores they sell very well at $18, but on my blog and website you can get a special deal. With the purchase of the book the beanie only adds $12 and we will pay the shipping for all of it! (AS ALWAYS, IF YOU CLICK ON THE PICTURE IT WILL GET BIGGER TO SEE THE DETAIL.)

The books will come signed and can be personalized by Justin Matott for the person receiving it if it is noted in an email to
We can paypal invoice you so you can put it on your credit card. You can see all of Justin Matott's books on You can order the books from that site and get it signed and or personalized. BUT if you want the beanie, you will have to request a special paypal invoice since they are not loaded on the website yet. So, your total for the book and beanie would be an even $30. With each additional beanie/book combination after the first you will also receive a free copy of There's A Fly On My Toast on CD (a $12 retail value and a great stocking stuffer for a niece, nephew, paper girl, boy scout, girl scout, cub scout, scout scout...).