That is just a fun word to say, succulents... From a picture in a magazine this was created. I wanted an old bird bath for it but couldn't find one. Bird baths like this are very hard to find. I looked on Craig's list, Ebay, want ads, garden shops, NOTHING! Then I was getting some other gardening things at Home Depot and noticed this old one shoved under a shelf outside. When I asked the sales person there about it, she said it was used for displayed "years ago" and no one has thrown it out yet. I asked what they wanted for it. She said if I bought my other supplies for it she would throw it in for $5, DONE! I have since seen a few for about $120. Then I chose the succulents, some special succulent, cactus soil and designed it to look like the one we had seen in the magazine. I get so many comments on it sitting on my front porch and now it is flowering (I will take a pic and post again). Since then my sister in law and my son have both built their own succulent garden. My son built one for a newly married couple as a wedding gift. Like nothing else they got. Easy to take care of. Fun to look at. Different than everything else out there. One of the succulents is called Living Rocks from Africa. It looks like a muppet would have it in her garden. Try to build a succulent garden, even if in a small pot for a window sill. But no one has a bird bath as cool as this one! YEAH!