I was all set to publish an anthology of poetry to go with my first two books and loved the name DRAIN BAMAGE, then was told by a librarian that it was "less than politically correct". I usually don't fret too much about politically correct stuff, but I also don't want to offend, so Nitwittles was my second choice and has emerged as the likely title. Which do you like better?


I have to read this book for class,
but I don’t think I should.
I walked up to my teacher,
and said,““This book’s no good!””

Because, sometimes when I read a book,
I wonder how the author felt.
To write such weird, weird stuff,
from the things his life had dealt.

The words they enter through my eyes,
then melt across my brain.
And sometimes when I’m reading it,
I can really feel some pain.

It’s causing me brain damage!”
to my teacher I complain.
I know this book is hurting me,
I can feel it in my brain!”

My teacher scowls at me and says,
“That’s nonsense! Yes, and I should Know,
I’ve read that book a thousand times
and it makes my brane grow!”

But somehow I just know it,
It’s really bad for me.
I don’t want to read this book at all!
I wish she’d let me be!

“Oh, stop with all your nonsense!
U haven’t had no damage!
Eye told U once, Eye told U twise
It won’t cause u DRAIN BAMAGE!!”