Chocolate Covered Frog Legs

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Chocolate Covered Frog Legs


Polka-Dot Soap

My polka-dot soap hangs on a rope
it has vibrant great colors galore!
I use it each day, and it smells really okay
but there's always less, never more.

Polka-Dot Soap is just one of the subjects to encourage your reluctant readers to read in this delightful book. From Halloween, a wedgie, weird neighbors, and underwear, to many other subjects, you will surely be entertained and will nod with recognition from your own experiences as you read.

This funny poetry collection is designed to tickle the funny bone and make the reader think about the possibilities that are right at the end of their own noses to compose poetry about. Matott's most (in)famous poem Booger Miner is the fan favorite in this collection.

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