favorite hero?

"those who think reading and writing is fun!" 

favorite anti-hero? 

"badly written books!" 

if I had a super power, what would it be? 

"getting reluctant readers to read!" 


FULL DAY is two assemblies and two creative writing workshops for only $1200

A half day is two assemblies for only $600

MORE information available about setting up your date at the blog post to the left: @your school! 


My School visits are FUN!!
I wanted to share two quotes from kiddos that came from their reflections on their time spent with you in the writing workshop. Justin, to engage students in the wide breath of levels you tackled at Hulstrom K-8, takes a very special type of author and teacher. You engaged them, inspired them, and made them critically think about the choices they make each day in their lives. As one of my students said, “I think it is ok to be a geek, and even though you may sometimes feel like you are not the coolest person on the block— you sure can have cool things to offer. Mr. Matott is funny, but the best part about him is that he is just plain compassionate to everyone. Maybe a few of the rest of us should think about that more often.” & “Ms. P — anyone who can bring together a narwhal and plankton and make a story in 10 minutes is BRILLIANT! I thought we would stump him and he rocked it! “

Yes Justin you did! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!
— Michelle, teacher in Adams12 -November 2012
 I just wanted to let everyone know that having Justin come to visit Cheyenne is always a home run!  I have been at several different elementary schools as a reading specialist and every new school I work with, the first item I present is the possibility of having Justin Matott come and speak to the students.  Fortunately, I have been able to get him to three different schools here.  The reason I keep asking him to come back is because I KNOW without a doubt that the kids will respond to him and the teachers will see the value in what he does.  Seeing genuine excitement for reading and writing plus the added bonus of watching students start to feel empowered by his stories = a teacher's dream come true for the kids they are trying to reach every day! 
Reva Hadley Lobatos