For the past fifteen years I have become known as a children's book author. Few know that my career actually began with three books published for adults; My Garden Visits, A Harvest of Reflections and Independence Days - Still just boys. I am again writing for a mature audience and will look forward to releasing several novels, short story compilations and other works within the year.

For now, this blog we are going back to where it all started.

My Garden Visits (a book for grownups was published by Random House in 1996) is now available again from amazon on either a Kindle or in paperback. It all happened when this book was picked up. I wrote My Garden Visits as a testimony to the amazing power love and motherhood can have on this planet. I wrapped it all in a garden metaphor and soon it would be a book club favorite and I would tour coast to coast back in the days when authors were treated to celebrity limos, first class airfare and even a penthouse in NYC where I was the only person on the floor who wasn't with the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls!

I am excited to see the book rereleased as my goal in 2017 is to finish two books for adults, including the crazy story of how My Garden Visits set me on the path to meet my biological mother and father and to write a new book about the crazy 7 degrees of separation there was between us.

You can read My Garden Visits on a tablet by hitting the photo below. 

My Garden Visits is available at amazon for the Kindle App and also a paperback edition. I am not familiar with the quality of the amazon paperbacks, but I hope it is great! If you would like to get a copy please use this link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1520310870

I'd love to hear what you think.

If you are interested in reading My Garden Visits as a book club, I'd love to Skype with your club and even come to hear the discussion if time and travel permits it.

My Garden Visits
By Justin Matott