I have a new book on the way - I THINK MY DOG MIGHT BE A NERD.

I wrote this book because one large part of bullying is name-calling. BUT, if the name you are called is seen as COOL then who has the POWER? The NERD has the power. The BULLY loses his or her power. There are many examples of NERDS in our society that prove this point that NERDINESS is COOLINESS, but my recent FAVORITE NERD is VON MILLER, #58! 

I am a DENVER BRONCOS NERD, meaning I have an exaggerated interest and love for the Broncos - thus I am NERDY about it! My absolute favorite DUDE on the DENVER DEFENSE is this year's SUPERBOWL MVP - MR. VON MILLER!

That man can play like NO-ONE'S BUSINESS! I believe he is now and possibly during the reign of NFL FOOTBALLING, the BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER out there! So when I was forwarded this awesome article about him and his NERDINESS, my heart skipped a beat! 

KIDS, THIS SPECIFIC SENTENCE IS FOR YOU - 'IF kids call you a nerd at school, understand the company of people you are in. Look at the pictures here and tell me it isn't the coolest thing to be a NERD! I'm ALL-IN - JOIN THE NERD HERD!'