Meet Roderick, the main character of my present writerly obsession.

I am busy working on a book which I am targeting at the Middle Grade audience, but I hope will be full of enough "good stuff" that it will find an adult audience the way other "kid's books" have.

My book (presently in the manuscript stage) is full of fantasy, historical fiction, present day adventures, and incorporates unlikely subjects including; crime fighting, Guinness World Book Record type of activities, Parisian nights, Malibu days, underworld Basque conspiracies, extreme underwater swimming speed battles, a bumbling news reporter, La Costa Nostra and other crime elements, epic battles, surfing and surfers, Laguna Beach, California, exclusive yacht clubs and snooty people, a touch of romance, an ancient curse which must be broken, secret detectives, the search for Gargoylian Kryptonite, magic, a priest with an ancient text about Gargoylian lore, nocturnal carnivorous feasting, Grotesques and Chimeras who battle the Gargoyles for supremacy, California Coast Cruising (an extreme water sport few know about), some Red Hot Chili Peppers music, texting, social networking, video blogs and tons of mystery.

So much packed into one book and thus far this book has been tons of fun to write, but the hard work of editing, cutting, adding, refining, redesigning and restructuring is about to begin.

With all of the swirling elements it remains primarily about one subject; the Notre Dame Gargoyles, which have intrigued me for years, since seeing them on a trip to Paris, and I hope my book will intrigue readers as well.

While researching this current book project and scouring the world for examples of these creatures (my book is about Gargoyle Superheroes) I discovered one protecting the baggage area at DIA! He is sitting inside a suitcase.

Now how cool is that?

Do you know anyone who would want to read about gargoyle adventures?

I need some "fantasy"readers to critique several chapters to see if this new genre for me will work for you.

If you are interested in reading a bit of it and chiming in, please email me at I am looking for critique, not compliments (though they are welcomed too). I am hoping those who enjoy this style of book will give constructive criticism which would help guide me to a better book in the end.


Trying to "zero in" on what is important in story, incorporating the outline devised for it. The structure of character development (WHO), describing settings which details place and time (WHERE AND WHEN) for the characters to dwell in, while identifying and sticking with a main idea and/or author's purpose (WHY) and ultimately delivering active plot lines which will keep the pages turning. (WHAT HAPPENS). Once those goals are articulated within the pages of the manuscript, I must determine if my reader can SEE, HEAR, TASTE, SMELL AND FEEL THE STORY I have designed for them.