I have been writing a Halloween book with poems, short stories, recipes and just simply weird, Halloweeny kind of stuff. I am presently thinking it might be an eBook only, because of the seasonality of this type of book. Opinions are very welcomed!

Skeleton Bob and Skeleton Fred

Were arguing about who was more dead,

“I’m telling you Bob you died of the flu!”

“Then how are we talking? Say it isn’t true!”

"I fell down a stairwell and broke my neck off

That’s why I have this bad, nagging cough

But you my friend Bob, you got really sick

And that is why you are as thin as a stick."

"But how are we talking if we are both dead?"

Bob scratched his skull and pulled on his head,

His head rolled right off of the top of his throat

"Help! Grab my head!" Fred caught it with his coat

Fred lifted Bob’s skull and he started to dance

In circles he spun, then he lost his pants

He was standing there shivering in just underwear

When Skeleton Marge saw him standing there

“Give Bob his head back!” Marge growled through her jaws

and at the end of her fingers were curly old claws

Sam was afraid of the ghoulish Marge gal

And gave the head back to Bob, his best pal

They danced in the wind those skeleton guys

While Marge stared at them her coal black eyes

Then the three did a dance, which could raise any dead

And all three of them pulled off their own bony head!

What are you dressing up as this year?