Gabriel Peters and his friends set out to attain their positions in history between the pages of the coveted record book through many attempts at the absurd (The World’s Largest Spit Pool) to the simply unattainable (World’s Largest Frog Farm). Gabe and his friends are up to their usual mischief. Along with the attempts to get into the book, a whole bunch of other adventures are included; a new member to the Secret Brotherhood named T-Bone Garza, Glenn The Sea Monkey comics begin, the discovery of the neighborhood’s own “Cruella DeVille”, more Ghost Indian sightings, an Ultimate Dare-Off which places the boys overnight in a haunted schoolhouse, a newly formed Boy Scout Troup, fishing, camping and many, many other explorations which will assure that the ADVENTURES CONTINUE!

What could be more compelling, mysterious or interesting than the people and feats contained within The Guinness World Book of Records? The irresistible gawking, rubbernecking and wonder that comes from the athletic feats and other human endeavors are food for thought enough, then add records for spitting, burping, growing extra long, gross fingernails and the book becomes a page burner (when a book is so great it is described as a page turner, when read even faster it becomes a page burner).