About five years ago someone kindly gave me a box of Palisade Peaches (awesome) from the western slope of Colorado and I saved all of the pits.

I pushed the pits down into composted soil around my vegetable garden as I had seen my father do when I was a boy.

I now have seven peach trees growing in my yard and four of them are HEAVY with peaches!

This is our second HUGE year of enjoying a HUGE yield of peaches here in mid-August and they are EVERY bit as good as the original peaches we got from Palisade.

Compost and peach pits! Water and pruning! = Shade, beauty, privacy and PEACHES GALORE!

As I write this I am eating a bowl of juicy peaches and real cream for breakfast! All from a handful of pits. This is one bowl of 14 so far from one tree.

There are still as many on the tree and we haven't even harvested the others (but the doggone squirrels sure love their little trick of pick one, take a bite, throw it onto the lawn and scale the tree again)... I wouldn't really mind if they picked one, took it to their nest and came back only when they were hungry again. Because I spend so many hours monitoring the door for Tootsie, my greyhound who sits and whines at the windows and door when she sees them scaling the tree... I AM SUPPOSED TO BE WRITING A BOOK!

Anyone want to trade a bowl of peaches for a high powered squirt gun? I have spent too many hours relocating the squirrels...