I remember the day I got my super powers. I was riding the school bus
home when I found a record album. More of the Monkeys. The bus driver told me I could keep it, I think he said, "finders keepers...".
I went home and put it on my turntable. The song Stepping Stone came on and somehow imported power into my little soul and body.

Suddenly the refrain was meant for the bully at school who wouldn't
let me swing on the big swings at recess. I made a cape with a big star (I could make great stars, snowflakes and hearts at the time. The star seemed most "super powered", just to absorb power from. I was smart enough not to wear it to school (or the matching pair of tighty-whities I had cut a star for too).

On the radio came on Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Suddenly I had a powerful anger for the bully, a cape and a resolve to change my destiny at school. I even had curled fists and it was involuntary. I could feel the super powers surging through me. I imagined the words POW, ZAP, BOOM coming to life in the air in cartoon lettering like they did on one of my favorite television shows (Batman & Robin).

I set off for school and all the way on the school bus, I just knew I wasn't going to be a chicken that day on the playground. I wasn't going to be pushed around. I was going to swing for all I was worth until I was flying through the air in my super power way for all to see.

The bully was home sick. I think it was the best day of elementary school! But, I had mustered up all of my courage for that day and somehow my super powers seemed trickle down and dissipate, replaced with that ache in the gut fear feeling.

The next day I went to school fully armed with salted nut roll, which was a bribe that worked to keep her from punching me. So, I didn't swing that day or many days. I hovered over closer to the teeter totters where the teachers gathered to talk.

But years later I showed her. I got a little less geeky (at least she thought so) and turned her down for the Sadie Hawkins dance, I thought to leave a salted nut roll in front of her locker to remind her of a super hero from a time past...

Do you have a bullying story you would like to share? I am on an anti-bullying crusade in my school visits and will be using my own and other funny, interesting, scary bullying stories to demonstrate through storytelling how to combat the problem... and maybe even soften a few bully's hearts toward their intended victims!

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