When we worry about the fact that our young reader is obsessed with reading silly books and comics and "non literature", some of us must remember what it was like when the reading world was new and there was so much interesting and weird...

I would sit in my back yard or up in my tree house and obsess over comic books for hours and hours when I was a boy. There is a large box of my old comic books and Mad Magazines in my basement that I have been pouring over. When I look at these old ads it brings back memories of the mystery and the fantasy of actually having the exotic animals shown on the pages.

I ordered virtually everything in those magazines, the most disappointing the X-Ray glasses.

As I am molding the characters for the Go Ask Mom series I am able to go back in time and become a boy again for short periods, WHAT FUN!

Gabe is obsessing about some of the items you see in these pictures and I think you will like what comes from it in book 3. The Gabriel Book Of World Records will be out sometime within the next months.... Stay tuned and read whatever grabs YOUR fancy and let your imagination run wild!

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