A contest has kicked off today that I think you will enjoy.

Here is the skinny: I am trying to get kids (and their parents) to read my books and many others. Summer is coming and if your kiddoes are anything like my boys it is a great excuse for them to say, "NO WAY I AM READING! I HAVE TO READ ALL SCHOOL YEAR!" That is until I put the Guinness World Book of Records or the like their hands and that led to the Redwall series, Sports Illustrated for Kids or Grossology or whatever it took to keep them reading!

In book two of the Gabriel Peters saga titled THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GABE, Gabe (main character and narrator of the series) begins to journal and doodling, all of which you see sprinkled throughout the book.

The idea of the contest is to take the theme of the chapter titled THE GROSS-RIE STORE (see blog below for the unedited chapter) and create your own concoction sure to gross the reader out in a poem. If your poem is chosen it will appear in a similar journal entry, "penned by Gabriel" and you will have a credit line on the copyright page.

Also, you will receive a signed and personalized book which you can choose from my website;

See for all the contest rules. Follow our blogs and stay in the loop!